Girls Brigade Area Parade 2014

This Sunday at St Johns we hosted the 2014 Area Girls Brigade Parade. Our Area Chaplain – Rev Lorraine Francis lead us through the service with all Companies taking a responsibility in some way for a part of our worship. We usually have it at St Johns and enjoy the welcome of our host congregation.

We have 4 Companies in our Area; 2nd Howick, 1st Bucklands Beach, 1st Pakuranga  and 32nd Auckland and every second year we get together and share worship on a Sunday morning. This year we had over 150 girls, Leaders, family and friends gather together in worship. We were able to re-commission a Leader and we presented two Bridager Broaches (a Brigader Broach is the highest award in New Zealand). It was a great morning.

Girls Brigade is a Christian Organisation that has worked alongside girls and young women for 120 years internationally and for 85 years in New Zealand. As an organisation it strives to provide programmes that are fun, interesting, challenging and relevant to the Christian faith. We aim to teach the girls how to love; care for one another and think of those around them.

When we have an Area Parade the Companies take up a special offering and this year our donations will be sent to the Girls Brigade in the Solomon Islands. We believe this is love in practical terms as those Companies seek to serve by rebuilding lives after the earthquakes, floods and associated challenges of the past year.