Newsletter 05-April-2015

Easter Sunday
Mark 16:1-8
1 Corinthians 15:1-11

Christ is risen!
Christ is risen indeed!

This ancient Easter greeting heralds the defining story of our faith. In the texts, God’s loving action on our behalf is evident. The gospels point us to the risen Christ. The psalm speaks of God’s promises. Acts and 1 Corinthians proclaim the good news available to all.

Sunday Worship: 12 April 2015
Experiencing Resurrection
Focus Scripture: John 20:19-31
Other Readings: Acts 4:32-35, Psalm 133, 1 John 1:1- 2:2


Prayer Points:- Please pray for: Mainly Music for an increase in numbers attending; Youth Band for more band members please; Ron Ashton and Margaret Morrison Surgery this Tuesday, and Wendy Sullivan - Girls Brigade Leader. Safe travels for our Church members travelling at this time.


Leprosy Mission Boxes:- These are due for collection, please return to Joan Jones. Thanks.


END OF FINANCIAL YEAR:- Last Sunday, 29 March was the final Sunday for donations via the envelope system to be included in your receipt for your end of year tax rebate. Anyone who wants information on eligibility for tax rebates or joining the envelope system/direct credit system please see Bob Williamson or Brannie Ma. The new financial year’s envelopes are prepared and ready for you in the foyer.



  1. OFFERINGS IN February just above budget and income from rents etc just below.
  2. Expenses were high as the bills for the maintenance done to the grounds of the manse started to arrive. There are more to come including electrical and plumbing work which we did not expect but which has to be done. We will also have the costs of the church buildings annual warrant of fitness to pay. Looking ahead we can expect that our expenses will begin to run over budget.
  3. So far we are managing to avoid drawing on our reserve funds.
 February2015Year to Date (8 months)
OFFERINGS 7989 7735 67167 66862
SPECIAL GIVING - 208 9230 1664
OTHER INCOME 5764 5940 54854 48810
TOTAL INCOME 13753 13883 131250 117336
REGULAR/NORMAL 16475 14936 118518 117223
SURPLUS(DEFICIT) (2772) (1053) 6307 113


Real Life:- This Sunday night (5 April) John Cowan's guest will be Salvation Army Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit Director, Major Campbell Roberts.


Cyclone Pam Emergency Appeals:- The Anglican and Presbyterian Churches have launched appeals in response to the devastation across Vanuatu caused by Cyclone Pam. Donations to Pacific Vision: Vanuatu can be made directly to Presbyterian Church by making a deposit into this bank account: BNZ Willis Street: 02 0500 0086963 000 (please add a reference Pacific Vision: Vanuatu and advise Katrina Graham if a receipt is required). Cheques can be posted to the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand, “”Pacific Vision Fund”, Box 9049, Te Aro, Wellington. The PCANZ appeal alone has raised $40 k as of 1 April.


An Urgent Call to Prayer. On Thursday 23rd April there will be the first call-over of a High Court hearing being held in the Auckland High Court. There are 2 parts to the hearing, with the first being McClintock v Red Beach School Board of Trustees, and the second being McClintock v the Attorney-General.
Firstly, McClintock is suing the Red Beach School BOT - basically questioning the processes they went through in deciding to keep Religious Instruction at the school (the provider of the programme at this school is 'Values in Action' - CEC is not involved). 
Secondly, McClintock is suing the Attorney-General, because he believes that Section 78 of The Education Act 1964 is inconsistent with the Bill of Rights. So in this case the Crown will be the defendant.
The High Court does not have power to change the law, but if the High Court rules that Section 78 is inconsistent with the Bill of Rights, it will then go through the parliamentary process and there is a chance that the law may be changed. A law change will seriously impact on our ability to teach Bible in Schools (or CRE), which is the outcome that the Secular Education Network and McClintock are aiming for.
CEC have issued a 'Notice of Appearance' in order to become an interested party in this case to ensure we are represented and have a voice. The initial court date of Thursday 23rd April is mainly for scheduling purposes. The date for the second hearing will be set at this time.

What we're asking you to do...Please join with us in prayer over the next few weeks

    We would ask that you please pray specifically for the following key areas:
  1. Firstly that our 'Notice of Appearance' is successful and that CEC becomes an interested party in this case.
  2. Secondly for the lawyers who will be representing CEC (Barrister Ian Bassett and Solicitor Simon Greening). For wisdom and understanding of best processes and action to take on CEC's behalf.
  3. Thirdly, for the provision of finances to fund CEC's involvement in the case. We do not know a specific amount at this point, but costs for a case of this nature can be quite significant.
  4. Finally, that regardless of the outcome that ultimately God's purpose would prevail and that He would use this situation to speak into the lives of all those involved.

On behalf of CEC I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read this, and ask that you would please forward this information to all those who you think would like to receive it and can stand by us in prayer and financial support. Warm regards, Dominic Hoeft General Manager – CEC