Newsletter 19-April-2015

No Need to Apologise for Wonder
Luke 24:36-48
Acts 3:12-19

Jesus’ first followers responded in awe to the risen Christ. “In their joy they were disbelieving and still wondering,” but their awareness of God’s presence and purpose grew. They were transformed to go in new directions, telling the good news to all. Modern disciples are also called to embrace Christ – alive in our midst and empowering us for learning, serving, and witnessing as a community of God’s children.

Sunday Worship: 26 April 2015
No Need to Harden Our Hearts
Focus Scripture: John 10:11-18
Other Readings: Acts 4:5-12, Psalm 23, 1 John 3:16-24


Prayer Points:- Please pray for: Mainly Music for an increase in numbers attending; Youth Band for more band members please; Margaret Morrison for recovery from surgery, Peter Keys who is in hospital and Wendy Sullivan - Girls Brigade Leader. Ron Ashton passed away last week - please pray for his family at this time. Also pray for safe travels for our Church members travelling at present.


Thank you to the Holiday Programme garden boxes ‘keepers’. We have new life in them again – and it was a lovely surprise to discover it blooming ☺. If you haven’t seen the garden boxes in the front courtyard – have a look they are lovely with their ‘fresh start’.


Thank you for the volunteer helpers in organising Ron’s funeral service which (at time of print) will be on Saturday at 11 am. We always have the physical side of hosting (moving chairs) and ensuring that we are good hosts but sometimes we overlook others like to Natalie with the video and Felicity with the flowers . We will miss knowing Ron was around as support and backup for all our activities. Whether you knew it or not Ron knew everything important that was happening at St Johns and upheld us all in prayer. As a founding member of St Johns he held so much of our story in his heart. We are the poorer for his passing – but we freely admit he is in a better place; no more pain, worry, frustrations of health and the best part for him is that he is with his beloved Mary again. Rest in peace, faithful servant of the Lord.


END OF FINANCIAL YEAR:- Sunday, 29 March was the final Sunday for donations via the envelope system to be included in your receipt for your end of year tax rebate. Anyone who wants information on eligibility for tax rebates or joining the envelope system/direct credit system please see Bob Williamson or Brannie Ma. The new financial year’s envelopes are prepared and ready for you in the foyer.


Real Life:- This Sunday night (19 April) John Cowan's guest will be NZ business personality Theresa Gattung. 


Holiday Programme:- Another successful programme has just finished. Thank you to all the wonderful leaders and the lovely people who donated baking it was greatfully received.


Annual Anglican-Methodist Covenant Service to celebrate the covenant between Anglicans and Methodists. This is one of the few times in the year when we give some visible expression to the relationship between our two churches.

Sunday 17th May


Pitt St Methodist Church

Led by Synod Superintendent The Rev’d Marilyn Welch

Preacher Bishop Ross Bay


Cyclone Pam Emergency Appeals:- The Anglican and Presbyterian Churches have launched appeals in response to the devastation across Vanuatu caused by Cyclone Pam. Donations to Pacific Vision: Vanuatu can be made directly to Presbyterian Church by making a deposit into this bank account: BNZ Willis Street: 02 0500 0086963 000 (please add a reference “Pacific Vision: Vanuatu” and advise Katrina Graham if a receipt is required). Cheques can be posted to the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand, “”Pacific Vision Fund”, Box 9049, Te Aro, Wellington. The PCANZ appeal alone has raised $40 k as of 1 April.