Newsletter 26-April-2015

No Need to Apologise for Wonder
Luke 24:36-48
Acts 3:12-19

In this season of resurrection, this week’s readings focus on the comforting image of a loving shepherd. They focus reflection on resurrection as a present experience in the midst of a troubled world. The image of sheep may make the “one flock” seem like one in which everyone is the same, but the shepherd knows the differences between each sheep and leads a flock in which everyone can find a home.

Sunday Worship: 3 May 2015
No Need to Live an Impoverished Life
Focus Scripture: John 15:1-8
Other Readings: Acts 8:26-40, Psalm 22:25-31, 1 John 4:7-21


Prayer Points:- Please pray for: Mainly Music for an increase in numbers attending; Youth Band for more band members please; Margaret Morrison for recovery from surgery, Ron Ashton’s family in their time of loss. Ian Pinel and recent cancer diagnosis . Pray for safe travels for our Church members travelling at present. Pray for the beginning of a new start for our Children and Youth Leader – Sonja and family.


Children and Youth Leader:- We are pleased to share with everyone that we have Sonja Schlebusch starting with us in this position. It is a faith step financially – so please ask for God’s provisioning to enable this ministry among us. Sonja will be working 10 hours per week – which will be such a boost for our current ministry teams – we thank the Lord.


Thank you to the Holiday Programme garden boxes ‘keepers’. We have new life in them again – and it was a lovely surprise to discover it blooming ☺. If you haven’t seen the garden boxes in the front courtyard – have a look they are lovely with their ‘fresh start’.


4eva26:- Sunday Night is 4eva@6 – and this month we will be having William Francis-Dittmer report to us on his week on Great Barrier with the PCANZ / AYM people at ‘Going Deeper’. We also hope to hear from all those who went to Easter Camp this year – this will be: Jamie and Maya Corbett, William F-D and Matthew Gibbs-Grant. The Youth band will lead our worship time.


Real Life:- This Sunday night (26 April) John Cowan's guest will be radio broadcaster, Murray Lindsay.


Annual Anglican-Methodist Covenant Service to celebrate the covenant between Anglicans and Methodists. This is one of the few times in the year when we give some visible expression to the relationship between our two churches.

Sunday 17th May 7pm Pitt St Methodist Church Led by Synod Superintendent The Rev’d Marilyn Welch Preacher Bishop Ross Bay


Inspire Pentecost Gathering:- Sunday May 24th 6pm St Stevens Ponsonby. The flyer for more information is on the column in the foyer.


Food Bank:- They food bank is in need of Toothpaste, Plain Sugar, Flour and Milk powder. If you could please add these to your shopping list they would greatly appreciate it. They currently have plenty of canned goods and cereal.


Administrator Notice:- I am going on leave for the first two weeks in May. The first week I will be on Kawau Island feeding 100 children and adults for my eldest son’s school camp. The 2nd week I will be off at home with Cory having a follow up surgery on his leg from his accident in December last year. I am in need of people to help cover the phone while I am away so if there is anyone that is available to help please contact me next week. Thanking you in advance. Jeannine.