Newsletter 17-May-2015

Psalm 1
John 17:6-19

The book of Psalms, just like the Hebrew Scriptures themselves, begins with creation. Western culture tends to think of metaphors as merely an illustration of a point, but wisdom reflection on Creation understands humans and trees as intrinsically related because they are both created by God. Humans, like trees, depend on water; a just and happy life and society are difficult to establish without access to abundant, clean water. The material and spiritual are interrelated and interdependent. Trees and water are spiritual.

Sunday Worship: 24 May 2015
“Be a Prophetic Witness for a Flourishing World”
Focus Scripture: Acts 1:15-17, 21-26
Other Readings: Psalm 104:24-34, 35b; Romans 8:22-27, John 15:26-27; 16: 4b-15


Prayer Points:- Give thanks for an increase in the numbers attending Mainly Music. Please pray for: Youth Band for more band members please; Margaret Morrison for surgery recovery, Ron Ashton’s family in their time of loss. Jan and Peter Hancock for the death of Jan’s Dad’s wife. Ian Pinel and his recent cancer diagnosis. Pray for the beginning of a new start for our Children and Youth Leader – Sonja and family. Cory (Jeannine’s son) for surgery recovery. Judy Qiu needs rental accommodation, please.


Give thanks to the Lord please, because we have just been informed that Ron Ashton left a gift of $10 000 .00 for St Johns in his will. This gift has eased the spirits of the Finance Team beyond measure. As Shelia reminds us, ‘…when my people pray..’ and I would add that when God’s people share what they have, it is good news for the whole community. Lorraine


Holiday Programme Leader:- Please pray for a leader for our School Holiday Programme. Shirley and William have been carrying this role but are unable to for much longer. Sonja has not enough hours to fulfill this role so we can’t ask it of her, although she can offer support. We can probably manage to arrange cover for this coming July but the September – October one will be very difficult.


Children and Youth Leader:- We are pleased to share with everyone that we have Sonja Schlebusch starting with us in this position. It is a faith step financially – so please ask for God’s provisioning to enable this ministry among us. Sonja will be working 10 hours per week – which will be such a boost for our current ministry teams – we thank the Lord.


Annual Anglican-Methodist Covenant Service to celebrate the covenant between Anglicans and Methodists. This is one of the few times in the year when we give some visible expression to the relationship between our two churches, There is a service on:

Sunday 17th May, 7pm: Pitt St Methodist Church. Led by Synod Superintendent, The Rev Marilyn Welch. Preacher Bishop Ross Bay.


Inspire Pentecost Gathering:- Sunday May 24th 6pm St Stevens Ponsonby. The flyer for more information is on the column in the foyer.


Food Bank:- They food bank is in need of Toothpaste, Plain Sugar, Flour and Milk powder. If you could please add these to your shopping list they would greatly appreciate it. They currently have plenty of canned goods and cereal.


Pakuranga Choral Society Inc:Concert: ‘’Schubert, Haydn, Hamilton’’ to be performed on Sunday 24 May in All Saints Church, Howick. It is being performed to celebrate 40 years of Music in Pakuranga and Howick. Guest Conductor is David Hamilton with Michael Bell as accompanist. St Georges Choir from Thames will be joining the Pakuranga choir to give a combined choir of 100 voices



  1. Giving in March was well above budget but so were expenses due to costs of church house and section maintenance.
  2. Giving for Special purposes has amounted to over $10,000 so far this year. This has met the costs of the chairs for the upstairs hall and enabled us to start to build up a fund to cover the costs of the Children and Youth Leader. We have enough to cover about 4 months and beyond this we are praying for more giving - otherwise we shall draw upon our reserves.
  3. The accounts are still to be done, but, April is looking good!
 March 2015Year to Date (9 months)
OFFERINGS 11391 7435 76058 71897
SPECIAL GIVING 1050 208 10380 1872
OTHER INCOME 6846 7710 64161 58920
TOTAL INCOME 19287 15353 150599 132689
REGULAR/NORMAL 19351 13587 137869 130356
SURPLUS(DEFICIT) (64) 1466 6304 1579