Newsletter 21-June-2015

What We Know
1 Samuel 17:57-58,18:1-5, 10-16
Mark 4:35-41, 2 Corinthians 6:1-13, Psalm 9:9-20

During the Season after Pentecost, we learn of God’s deep desire for wholeness, justice, and peace in all creation. Sometimes, following God’s lead to pursue these goals takes both vision and courage to imagine new possibilities, and to act. In the readings for this week, David has faith and knows that God will guide him in situations of conflict, and Jesus’ stilling of the storm encourages us to trust that God is present with us in the most difficult of circumstances.

Sunday Worship: 28 June 2015
What We Do
Focus Scripture: Mark 5:21-43
Other Readings: 2 Samuel 1:1, 17-27, Psalm 130, 2 Corinthians 8: 7-15


Prayer Points:- Give thanks for an increase in the numbers attending Mainly Music. Please pray for: Youth Band for more band members please; Ian Pinel and his recent cancer diagnosis, Rose Hooper’s family.




Rose Hooper:- We found out on Tuesday 16th that Rose Hooper died last week and the family held a private ceremony, asking that all communications go to PO Box 114, Gisborne 4040. Rose was a founding member of St Johns and an absolutely fantastic person to know. She moved to a retirement complex in Pt Chevalier about 4 years ago, we missed her then, and will miss her continued prayers and interaction with us. God is the winner with this news; I know they will be getting on face – to - face just fine. Lorraine


Margaret Morrison would like to thank the entire Congregation, who have prayed, thought and helped her and George, during the two operations and Radiotherapy, since last October. As a result she has felt great strength through that time and now is beginning to feel strong enough to share in the Worship and Activities of St. Johns, once again. The Lord`s Healing is so wonderful. Praise the Lord!


Holiday Programme Leader:- Thank you for your prayers, Natalie Jenner has stepped into this role for the July programme, so now please hold her in your prayers . Sonja is providing backup support. Please continue to pray for the September – October one.


Today (Sunday 21 June) is disability Awareness Sunday. This is a time to reflect on and remember people in our community who have disabilities, and perhaps what we can do to help. Please pray for all who work with people with disabilities for grace, love and wisdom. Thank you, Shirley.


Thank you to the Youth Band and Jeannine for their wonderful offerings to the Methodist Regional Synod held here last Saturday. The devotions were great because of the band’s presence – and they all arrived for an 8:30 am start – I was so proud . Jeannine brought the muffins (the left-overs we enjoyed on Sunday morning – yum). Lorraine


Real Life:- This Sunday night (21st June) 7:30pm Newstalk ZB: John's guest will be Auckland City Missioner, Dame Diane Robertson.


Girls' Brigade Fundraising 'Oxford Pies' -- Please note that final orders for any pies need to be communicated to Julie Dickey or Lorraine by next week 25th June / Thursday at the latest. Order forms are available in Church Foyer - take one home to discuss with your family. I am happy to receive orders via Phone / or Email - include your Name - Phone/s - Email and arrange a suitable payment date with Julie or Lorraine. Cheques payable to:- 1st Bucklands Beach Girls' Brigade. Many thanks... Julie Dickey 535 5814 0274 925 659 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Lorraine’s Study Leave:- I have a few questions about my Study Leave and our local arrangements. So for a few weeks I’ll have this in the newsletter for information. Please keep this kind of conversation going as we all benefit.

Should you have any questions or worries while I am on leave the three “go-to” people are Alan Vickers, Joan Rutherford and Bob Williamson.

St Johns Sunday Worship Leader Calendar for July to October 2015

Worship Leader
Diane Miller-Keeley
David Hall

Worship Leader
Grahame D
Grahame D
16 Honouring Age Sunday
Grahame D
Grahame D
Grahame D

Worship Leader
Diane Miller-Keeley
13 Annual General Mtg
Bob / Ray

Worship Leader
Diane Miller-Keeley
Mavis / Liz
Diane Miller-Keeley
Dick / Judy

Total allocation of days: July – October = 122
Working at St Johns = 34, Study Leave = 60, Holiday = 28

    The 3 Parts of my Study Leave Content:
  1. Theological Reading:
    Barbara Brown-Taylor - Home By Another Way; Bread of Angels; Gospel Medicine; Leaving Church: A memoir of Faith Home By Another Way; Bread of Angels.
    Marcus Borg: The First Christmas: what the Gospels really teach about Jesus’s birth and John Dominic Crossan (Oct 6, 2009); The Last Week: what the Gospels really teach about Jesus’ final days in Jerusalem and John Dominic Crossan (Jan 30, 2007); The Lost Gospel Q: The original sayings of Jesus with Thomas Moore
    Added since application submitted:
    Barbara Brown-Taylor’s ‘Learning to walk in the Dark’; John Philip-Newell: ‘The Re-birthing of God’
    Gautam Ghosh & Jacqueline Leckie ‘Asians and the New Multiculturalism in Aotearoa New Zealand’
  2. Auckland Mandarin Ministry Exploration – Anglican and Baptist similar to our one.
  3. Korean Ministry Training for New Zealand culture within in PROK and PCK, Seoul, Korea.