Newsletter 30-August-2015

The Power of the Word
Isaiah 6:1-8
James 1:17-27, John 1: 1-5

To be called and led by God’s Spirit beckons us to be doers of God’s word. God’s generous gift of love in Christ models the love we then practice toward God and others. Such love changes hearts. Such love cares for the vulnerable. The wisdom of enacted love moves religion from how we talk about God into the ways we act as the image of God. Be love.

Sunday Worship: 6 September 2015
Planet Earth Sunday
Focus Scripture: Genesis 1:1-25
Other Readings: Psalm 33:1-9; Romans 1:18-23; John 1:1-14


Prayer Points:- Please pray for: Lorraine and Ian on their Study / long service leave; Ian Pinel’s family and friends with his passing, Loas Toung and her bruised ribs; Bob and Joan Williamson with the passing of her Brother; Ray Lewis and ongoing health issues; Mary Metcalf and her family with the passing of her husband Brian on Thursday.




Notice of AGM:- The AGM will be held on Sunday 13 September 2015 immediately after the Sunday service.


AGM Reports:- Can I please have the AGM reports for all the areas of ministry emailed to the office or left on my desk as soon as possible. Thank you Jeannine


Photos and other archival material

Work on the archiving of photos and other material is nearly complete. The exercise is going into recess while Trevor is overseas in September, but if you find more items worth keeping please let him have them when he returns.

In the meantime, the following files will be in the Church Office and available for borrowing – just speak to Jeannine.

St Johns Photos Archive – Volume 1 St Johns Photos Archive – Volume 2

Volume 2 St Johns Document Archive Thank you, everyone – Trevor Haigh


Should you have any questions or worries while Lorraine is on leave the three “go-to” people are
Alan Vickers:- cell phone 021 051 3040 or 533 3790, or email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Joan Rutherford:- cell phone 027 537 2308 or 533 8761
and Bob Williamson.


Prayer Chain:- The new prayer chain is now available and is on the desk in the office on purple paper. Thank you


Real Life:- This Sunday night (30 August), Real Life with John Cowan will be cancelled, due to the announcement of the All Blacks 2015 Rugby World Cup Squad.


Message from Lorraine

Hi all,

Ian and I have arrived in Singapore on the last leg of this part of our time away. I am sorry for not managing to send a note sooner, but I have struggled with internet connections apart from the week I had at the Conference in Minneapolis where the church was the best place to get on the net, but it was also conference time and very fully utilized.

So we started with a week's holiday in the north of Minnesota, exploring a few of the 10 000 lakes the state is named after! (Poor internet connections), very much a 'back-wood’s kind of place and lots of gravel roads. We failed to spot any moose (or bears) but did see 2 deer crossing the road in front of us (on the 'forestry Access roads) as we were following instructions to go on roads where we might spot moose….

We then split company with Ian going to the Mayo in Rochester, and I went to my conference with Professor Barbara Brown-Taylor and Rev Dr John Philip Newell. It was very thought provoking and a good experience, I am glad I came. I won the prize for travelling the furthest to attend.

We then went to Philadelphia where Ian had his Conference / training course in Medical Ethics Mediation, which he really appreciated. I completed some of the 'reading’ of my Study Leave and have now finished 4 of the theological books on my list.

We flew to Frankfurt, Germany and chose to extend the 'stop-over’ for a few days and so we explored the ancient city of Worms. This is an important city for 'Protestants' as it is where Martin Luther 'made his stand’ against the Church - as he knew it, and the 'Protestant' Church began. Of course the 'Lutherans' were the first to break from the 'Church’ and followed Luther's theological teachings, and the other traditions evolved over time. I can now say I have seen one of his Bibles with his annotations in the margins, been in the room he was given to stay in as he argued with the Church court, and had my photo taken at 'his' large memorial - but actually it is a memorial to the Significant contributors to the development of 'Protestant theology’ and includes 3 women.

We have just arrived in Singapore and will be home in about a week.

Blessings Lorraine