Newsletter 13-September-2015

Earth Sunday
Genesis 1:26‐28
Mark 10:42‐45

Comment from J P Newell: ‘The first thing that is said about Humanity in the Hebrew Scriptures is that we are made in the image and likeness of God… Or, as Julian of Norwich puts it, we are made ‘of God’… We are made of the light that was in the beginning,.. Love that longs for oneness. This is not to deny our capacity for falseness and for ugly betrayals that tear us apart. It simply says that deeper still is our of‐Godness.’

Sunday Worship: 20 September 2015
Earth Sunday 2
Focus Scripture: Psalm 16:1‐6
Other Readings: Philippians 2:14‐18


Prayer Points:- Please pray for: Ian Pinel’s family and friends with his passing, Loas Toung and her bruised ribs; Bob and Joan Williamson with the passing of her Brother; Ray Lewis and ongoing health issues; Mary Metcalf and her family with the passing of her husband Brian on Thursday. Laurel Leach for poor health and being in hospital. Please pray for our parish finances, it has been a tight month financially.




NOTICE OF AGM:- The AGM will be held immediately after this morning’s service Sunday 13 September 2015.


Annual Report Booklet:- The AGM Booklet is available on the table in the Foyer; please take a copy, one per household, thank you.


THANKSGIVING OFFERING:- Each year we set one special Sunday for Thanksgiving. I don’t know how this tradition at St Johns arose but I assume it reflects the old idea of Harvest Thanksgiving. In an urban parish we can give thanks for the arrival of Spring after a wet, cold Winter and personally, thanks for any special blessing we have received during the past year.

The Leadership Team have decided that 90% of this year’s Thanksgiving will be added to the fund we have set up to meet the cost of our latest staff member, the Children, Youth and Family leader. The 10% remaining, as usual, will be given outside the parish, this year to the Tear Fund Appeal for victims of slavery and human trafficking.

Giving to the Thanksgiving offering can be through marked envelopes which regular envelope givers will have received with their bundle of envelopes. I have additional envelopes available which you should mark with your number so that the amount can be added to your Inland Revenue receipt at the end of March 2016. Any questions, please talk to me or one of the Finance Team (Christo John, Shania Qui and Brannie Ma) Thank you Bob Williamson


Message from Lorraine:- I am half way through my Leave, and am back ‘on deck’ at St John’s for the two middle weeks of September. I look forward to catching up with the happenings of the past 5 weeks, so please get in touch. Blessings Lorraine


Joan and Bob Williamson would like to sincerely thank all who prayed when Joan’s brother Rod was missing. The area to be searched was huge but fortunately he was found. Thank you too for the cards, sympathy and prayers that have followed his death. We really appreciated having the prayer chain as a resource at that time. Thank you all again. Joan & Bob.


Real Life:- John Cowan’s guest this Sunday night (13th September) will be underwater cameraman, Steve Hathaway.


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Have fun! Trevor Haigh


Food Bank:‐ The foodbank are in short supply of Sugar and flour (Small bags) Milk powder, jelly, tinned fish and tinned fruit. If you could please consider this during your weekly shopping. Thank you very much.

Everything Is Spiritual – Earth: ‘The Science of Fine Tuning’
Details from Rob Bell’s Talk. In our Galaxy the Earth is turning at 67 000 mph and rotating at 1000 mph. The Sun provides 99% of our energy or 4 000 000 tonnes of energy every second. Over an 11 year Sun cycle there is less than 1/10th of 1% variance.
Living Dials:
It is at a distance of 93 000 000 miles. 92 000 000 m or 94 000 000 m no life. Earth tilts on its axis at 23.5º if not it would be tidally locked with one side burning up and the other freezing to death. It is the precise angle to sustain human life. Why does the earth tilt? Because of the gravitational pull – 40% from the sun and 60% from the moon, it is the moon that allows planet earth to sustain life. No moon no life on earth. Hydrogen converts 0.007 of mass to Helium. 0.006 no life, 0.008 no life. Oxygen is 21 % ‐ 19 % no life, 23% no life.
Ocean is 3.4 % salt which equals the salt % in the Human Blood stream. 2% or 4% no life. Hundreds and hundreds of other precise figures ensure life happens on planet earth: Carbon levels, Gravitational Forces; Density of minerals and elements…. As there are dials to create and sustain life.
… “Haunting truth that if just one of them were even slightly turned in any direction it would render the accuracy of all the hundreds of others irrelevant… what a strange mysterious blue and green floating ball we call home.”