Newsletter 17-January-2016

Gifts Overflowing
1 Corinthians 12:1-11
Isaiah 62:1-5, Psalm 36:5-10, John 2:1-11

Paul describes in his letter to Corinthians – ‘The’ love that always delights to give gifts to its beloved. As has been famously stated: “You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.”

What this week in Epiphany seeks to show us is the complete, unconditional, self-giving love of God revealed in Jesus, but also the warning – the extent of our following Christ in the way of love is revealed by the extent of our giving. No giving, no love!

NEXT WEEK: Sunday Worship: 24th January 2016
Next weeks theme: Proclaiming Jubilee
Focus Scripture: Luke 4:14-21
Other Readings: Nehemiah 8:1-3, 5-6, 8-10; Psalm 19; 1 Corinthians 12:12-31a


Prayer Points:- Please pray for: Little Cubs Kindy for more children, they need at least 15 more children for the New Year. Brenda Ryan with ongoing health issues. Our church family and their safe travels during the Christmas and New Year Holidays.


Happy New Year Everyone and welcome back to 2016


Prayers please. It was with a great deal of sadness this week that I accepted Joan Williamson’s resignation from our Sunday keyboard ministry. Joan is an inspired musician, whose ministry to us through music has been greatly loved and appreciated. Thank you Joan for being such a wonderful music ministry leader for us and blessings as you enjoy your ‘retirement’ from regular Sunday playing. Therefore I am asking for everyone’s prayers please, for a keyboardist to come forward and join our Sunday morning roster. February is going to be difficult as Jan is on leave for the first two weeks, Joshua is still in Wellington and the Youth Band are not yet underway for 2016. Lorraine


CHURCH PHONE BOOK:- On the table in the foyer is a copy of the last phone book that was issued. I have made a few changes and updates so if you could please confirm and sign that your details are correct and if not make the changes in pen. We also need to ask you to confirm that if we have taken your photo at a Church function we can put it on the web page. If you would sign to confirm that this is ok next to your address. Once the details are all confirmed I will re-print a new book. Thank you Jeannine


Thank you to everyone for our wonderful Christmas gifts and cards and the lovely out pouring of love that the Francis-Dittmer family received in December (and January). We really appreciated being a part of this faith community and pray that you do to. Lorraine


Can you help please? We need a couple of people to be available for the morning tea ministry after Sunday morning worship. You may be assigned to a team, but we also need a few people to ‘fill-in’ when a regular server is not able to do it. So – can you help? 


Can you help please? We need more St Johns Team members to run Mainly Music this year. Wednesday mornings 9:30 to 11 am the Team prepare the room, set up, run the musical programme, serve morning tea and clean up. We love mixing with the parents and caregivers and the pre-school children. It is a joy and delight to serve with this Team, you would be most welcome :-) Lorraine


Shrove Tuesday…All are warmly invited to our Family Friendly Shrove Tuesday Celebration! Pancake eating contest, pancake in the pan races and loads more fun! 6pm at the Church. Contact Sonja (more details to follow)


GIVING TO TEAR FUND Offerings for our Christmas appeal on behalf of the Tear Fund “Anti trafficking and Exploitation” fund totalled $681.50. Adding the 10% “tithe” of our Thanksgiving offering we will give in total, over $1000 to this very worthy cause. Thank you all. The Finance Team


Newstalk ZB 7pm John Cowan’s guest this Sunday night (17th January) will be former Waitakere Mayor, Sir Bob Harvey.