Our Vision


Being the Gospel to all people.

Mission statement

St Johns aims to be a dynamic, faith filled and loving church family, worshipping God through Jesus Christ; and equipping its members to serve each other, the Bucklands Beach community, and beyond.

  • St. Johns Church is firmly committed to upholding, presenting and living the fullness of the Christian faith as revealed to us in the person of Jesus Christ, witnessed to authoritatively in the Scriptures, conveyed to us through the history of the Church, and quickened to us today by the Holy Spirit.
  • We feel called to commend the hope of the Gospel to all and seek to do this beyond any barriers of denominational cultures, but with respect for the treasures of the three churches that sponsor St. Johns.
  • St. Johns has had extensive experience of renewal by the Holy Spirit and is committed to receiving and utilising all the biblical gifts of the Holy Spirit in worship and ministry.
  • Our vision is to be a family church which offers full ministries for children and young people, while valuing the gifts and life experience of older people and those who may live alone.
  • We seek to be a church that is sensitive and open to seekers and are keen to share the Christian faith with others. To this end our worship is designed to be accessible and understandable to newcomers to church life. In music and worship we seek to receive and use contemporary gifts in music and prayer while valuing the faith gifts of the past.
  • We desire to be a caring community that lives out Christ's command "To love one another" and "to bear one another's burdens". This is a call to all members to live lives of Christian love, fairness and mutual support.
  • We are committed to the ministry of all who believe, both in their daily and working lives and in their church life. We seek to see the Holy Spirit bless and empower every member for growth in life and ministry.
  • We seek to be an outward-looking church that will serve its local community lovingly and truthfully