Message from the Minister

Rev. Jeff Odhiambo

Kia Ora! A warm welcome to St John’s Buckland’s Beach website. I am the minster of St John’s – Bucklands Beach Cooperating Parish. I am an ordained Anglican Priest. Originally from Kenya I am married to Alicia (originally from America). Alicia and I are an interracial and intercultural couple. We have been living in New Zealand since 2010.

We have two children Elle and Miles. I have been in active ministry for the past 20 years, in Kenya, Nepal, America, and in different parts of Aotearoa New Zealand. I am comfortable in large or small church context as I have served in both. I aim to use my extensive background in intercultural engagement to foster more understanding across cultures. I become animated when I engage in conversations that foster and deepen interpersonal and intercultural relationships. I am a passionate advocate for a life lived seamlessly in the community. Therefore, I am very thrilled to be ministering in a bi-lingual and intercultural church.

Our diversity at St John’s offers us a wonderful opportunity to explore fresh ways of proclaiming Jesus to a world that God so desperately loves. We also have a sense that being a diverse community, we are being called to become people who listens well and respond to the needs of our community without judgement or coercion.