Newsletter 13-July-2014

“Tension and Presence”
Genesis 25: 19-34
Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

Hungry for Jacob’s stew, Esau trades his birthright – disregarding or despising it. For Jacob and Esau’s era, birthright refers to the honour and privilege conferred upon the oldest son of the family. It meant that Esau, being the first-born twin, would have a double share of the family inheritance. It also meant that he had a larger role within the family – taking on leadership responsibilities of the family when the father died. A birthright could be transferred or revoked. In Genesis 27, we read how Esau’s sale of his birthright is confirmed when Jacob tricks Isaac into giving him the blessing of the oldest son.

Sunday Worship: 20 July 2014
Theme: “ Searched, Known, Named”
Focus Scripture: Genesis 28: 10-19a
Other Readings: Matthew 13: 24-30, 36-41, Psalm 139: 1-12, 23-24, Romans 8:12-25


Prayer Points:- Please pray for: Ron Ashton with his cancer diagnosis, those with winter illnesses and Alan Busfield whose health is deteriorating.




Nominating Team Notice:- We need two people to serve on the Nominating Team for the Church. This year Janetta Mandeno and William Francis-Dittmer are standing down. The Nominating Team has the responsibility to listen to the congregation, to pray and to bring forward to the congregation the names of people willing to serve on the Leadership Team. Please pray for the right people to be willing to serve and then pass the names to Lorraine or Joan Rutherford or Alan Vickers.


End of year AGM:- With this fast approaching can all Team Leaders please forward their reports to the office as soon as possible for preparation of the AGM document. Thanks.


MONDAY:- Kick off Football World cup 7am be here at church from 6:45am to watch the final in the worship room on the big screen.


Rosters:- Thank you so much to those that have offered so far I am still looking for more help if you are able, in most serving areas - especially the task of welcoming people in the car park. Jeannine.


Entertainment Books:- We have 4 books left to sell if you are interested please see Jeannine as soon as possible. They are in the office for $65. If anyone would like to purchase one, please contact me or leave a note on my desk on Sunday. For each book sold we raise $13 to help towards our budget shortfalls so your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Jeannine.


School Holiday Programme 7-11 July 14:- Thank you so much for all your support our Holiday Programme. We have had a great time despite the weather!


Real Life with John Cowan:- This Sunday night (13th July) John Cowan's guest will be former long distance athlete, Allison Roe..


Food Bank::- The food bank is in desperate need of flour, tea, toilet paper, milk powder or long life milk, jam, toothpaste and tooth brushes. If you could, please consider this when purchasing your items for the basket. Thank you so much your help. Donations are so gratefully received.


Lunch @ Te Tui Café:- 30th July @ 12:15 please sign up on the sheet in the foyer. Thank you Loas.


CHURCH PHONE BOOK:- The new phone book (PURPLE!) is available. Thank you for all the updates.


“Caring for our World” PresCare Art and Writing Competition:- Further details are on the column in the foyer with entry forms if your children would be interested.


Inspirational/Anglican TV:- “It's great to have vaulting ambition. As long as it aspires to the right things. This week on Billy's life changing event, what the Gospels have to say about ambition and Matthew 11:25-30 come to me and rest


LUNG SURVEY:- Are you a non-smoker aged 50-100 and interested in taking part in a study looking at the effect of age on our lungs?

    Auckland Hospital together with the Department of Bioengineering at Auckland University is looking to develop a model of the lung as it ages. They need volunteers who are prepared to undergo one day of lung tests at the Green Lane Medical Centre. They would like to hear from volunteers who
  • are aged 50-100 with no known lung disease
  • are able to lie flat for a CT scan
  • have never smoked

Please contact Dr Clair King on 021 943 271 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

John Copping, a 90 year old member of our congregation, recently participated in this survey. He wants to encourage anyone 50 and over and who has never smoked to go for this assessment. It is well worthwhile. John found Dr King a very caring and considerate doctor. She was very patient and took time to answer any questions he asked her about health matters affecting the lungs. The large scale Auckland-wide survey will study how our lungs change with age. It will cover 100 people over a 2 year period. The findings from the survey are to be used to build a mathematical model of the ageing lung. It is hoped that this will enable doctors to better distinguish between normal ageing lungs and diseased lungs. By taking part in the survey you will be supporting valuable research that could ultimately benefit all New Zealanders. More than that: if you are 50 and over, want to keep fit and are nearing retirement, or actually retired, this is a golden opportunity to have your lung function evaluated by a very experienced respiratory physician. Talk to John if you want to hear about his experience of the survey. Better still, phone or email Dr King.